Gradient Reflection

April 13th, 2009 | Tags: ,

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a gradient text with a reflection.

Step one
Make a new document about the size of 200px x 400px. And type the text that you need (note in this tutorial i am using the font Kenyan Coffee, You can use any font).

Step two
After you have type the text that you want pick some colors for the word/words. I used the colors #6583cd and #67cf67.

Step three
Now you have made the text you will need to add some effects. Click on the Add Layer style icon in the layers pallet and then click on Drop shadow and add these settings.

Step Four
Now add these settings on gradient overlay in the Layer Styles.

Step Five
Now add these settings on Stroke in the layer styles.

Step Six
Now your text should look like something along the lines of this?

The next step is to add a small reflection to it. Duplicate the layer by going to Layer>Duplicate Layer. Name the layer reflection. Now we need to rasterize the layer. Do this by going Layer>Rasterize>Type. It should now be a normal layer.

Step Seven
Now we need to make the text upside down. To do this go to Edit>Transform>Flip Vertical. Move it in to place with the arrow keys. It should look like this now.

Step Eight
We now need to go in to masking mode. To do this click on the edit in quick mask mode on the tools bar.


Get your gradient tool and make sure that your colors are default by pressing d on your keyboard. Make a selection with the gradient so it looks like this

Step Nine
Press edit in normal mode on the tools bar. It is next to the button that you pressed to get in to the mask. You will have a selection selected now. Type 0 in feather box at the top and hit delete. The refection is done now all you need to do is lower the opacity now to about 60%. (to do this it is in the layers palette.

You are now done! This is what my end result is.

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