Clean Button

April 11th, 2009 | Tags:

This tutorial will show you how to create buttons which like like this:

Lets start with a blank document – 80 x17 px

Lets use the following colors [you can use whatever you want, I suggest you only change foreground color]
Foreground: 909092 Background: FFFFFF

Now lets use a Foreground to Background gradient. Hold shift and use it from down to top.
You should get something like this:

Give that layer a stroke using the following settings:

Now you should have this:

Now you can add some text, I used CubicFive 10 – 10pt Smooth, but you can play around with that. Give it also some shadow with the following settings:

Now we’ll add a filter: Render >> Lighting Effects with the following settings:

Thats about it, you should get something like this:

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